WPNT - 95.7 The Panther * Villa Rica, Georgia


95.7 The Panther first launched to the airwaves March 3, 2007 as a division of Deep South Media Group LLC & continues to grow strong today.  It was created by (Angel) Rana Hensley and (Lace) James L. Clark.  In that same year, The Panther gained a home venue and began working side by side as part of the venue with the security crew meeting tons of local and touring bands in the hardcore indie metal genre. What began as a hobby over the years turned into something more... the heart and passion to the music scene.  We are mind-set to be different and unique, On the Prowl with Rock and Metal from Independent / Unsigned Artist to the Mainstream. Unlike other organizations, we are NOT driven solely by commercial record sales or top 10 charts. Listening to the same songs over and over on commercial radio is pretty boring after awhile. We are simply all about the music and solid artist expression. Dedicated & committed to helping musicians live out their dreams as we create our own within the music industry. Special Thanks goes out to the following but not limited to; our musicians, band managers, representatives, promoters, our show affiliates, the support from our local Villa Rica Police Dept and ALL of YOU who listen to us.

We legally accept our music through email directly from the bands, artists, recording managers & representatives in either mp3 format or physical hard copies of the disks. Mp3's are sent directly from these sources through email & physical disks are sent directly from these sources through postal mail. The current US Copyright law and statutory music licenses that are maintained by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and Sound Exchange require that we manage and pay for the royalties therefore Royalties are paid through our license company, Live365. -- Please go through them for royalty pay services.

Here at The Panther we play a wide variety of rock and metal from Independent / Unsigned & Mainstream Artists :

  • Christian Rock + Christian Metal 
  • Screamo
  • Metal Hardcore 
  • Punk Rock
  • Glam Rock
  • The 1980's Pop and Hairbands
  • Alternative Rock 
  • Electronic Rock

95.7 The Panther is DMCA compliant and official  ASCAP, BMI and SESAC licensed station through the Live365 Network.
Our Personal Trademark Slogans:
  • On the Prowl & Living Wild... 
  • A feline on the path of Destruction..
  • So Extreme, It's Too Wild To Be Tamed!

One of The Panther's first aired artist, dear close friend and mentor ,

The Panther airs his music regularly and hosts twice a year a special memorial tribute in his remembrance.

Our Vision & Mission:

Station Owner and Founders:


Rana Hensley

Station Owner CEO, Founder, DJ,

Program Director, Producer of 95.7 The Panther


James L. Clark
Co-Founder of 95.7 The Panther

CEO & Co-Founder of Deep South Media Group,

Producer & Program Director of 101.9 FoxFM